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    Q:Is there a warranty?

    A:There are various manufacturer warrantioes available huilin furniture will warranty everything of everything we shiped out ,and we will offset the lose of this container in your next order.

    Q: whar should I expect from the delivery?

    A:On all orders .we will arrrange the shipping company(or the shiping company appointed by your esteemed corperation)and they will contact you for the document they need.please make all necessary arrangements to allist with them.

    Q:how do you prepare my merchandise to prevent damage?

    A:all merchandise is inspected priror to shippong, everything is corner proected,put in boxes.plced on shipping pallets and shrink wrapped. we also have special handling agreements with all carriers we use.

    Q:how long does delivery take?

    A:we understand that you are eager to get your beautiful furuiture,but we feel portecting your investment is just as important, Many items are delivered within 30 days but please allow up to 30-50days on some items.

    Q:Can you customize an item for me?

    A:we are pleased to know your demand of every products in youer order.And we will be thankfull if you want to let us know your idea in detail we feel sure you will get your ideal one with low price on quality basis from us.

    Q:Can I have a further enquiry on the products I didn't see in your catalogue or website?

    A:yes,in most instances,If you do not see what you want in the catalogue or online,please e-mail us at sales@huilinfurniture.com and one of our sales associates will be glad to assist you.There are some clearance items and certain other items that we keep in our darabase,but most merchandise can be found in our website and catalogue.

    Q: Can we arrange the shipment ourself?

    A:yes,many customers choose to use own carriers .when using their own carrier,the customer assumes all responsibility to arrange the carrier to arrange the bill of laoding for the shipment and to arrange paryment for the carrier.once the items have been signed for by the customer's carrier,huilin furniture holds no responsibilty for any items shipped and /or any damagesincurred while shipping.

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